Interviews on psychoanalysis, literature, and all that lies in between
1 year ago

Psychoanalysis is Different Places in My House

an interview with Dr. Benjamin Ogden

Episode Notes

Benjamin Ogden speaks about his most recent book, Beyond Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism, and about his joint attempt with his father to revitalize and rethink psychoanalytic literary interpretation. Ben walks the listeners through his childhood house, built around psychoanalysis, and raises intriguing questions about what is means to listen to literature with the right ear.

This podcast, hosted by Prof. Anneleen Masschelein and Dr. Yael Segalovitz, was produced for the course Psychoanalysis and Creativity: Anglo-American Culture Today, taught as a collaboration between Ben Gurion University in Israel and KU Leuven in Belgium.



Edited by: Dr. Buzi Raviv, BGU Radio